ON MAY 4TH, 2020

At the beginning of what was to become the COVID-19 pandemic, when everything that was known as normal and society had stopped working, and where the uncertainty of the present and the future was creating panic and fear In the town, a group of pastors and leaders from different denominations and organizations gathered for a night of prayer and atonement.

 Based on Leviticus 16, where the Levites had a day of atonement, they would appear before God to ask forgiveness for their sins and those of their family before entering to intercede for the nation. 10 leaders from the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area came before God with a heart of repentance and with the purpose of hearing from God in such difficult times.


This was the birth of “The National Alliance of Hispanic Pastors”. Since that day, the unity of spirit and purpose began to predominate in the group, on August 1, 2020 NAHPA is formalized with the mission of being a voice that advances and defends Judeo-Christian values. With the goal of doing everything for the glory of God, without compromising their values ​​and integrity, and with the desire to bless the community we serve.


We invite you to join this movement, to join the voice of the Hispanic Christian people, a group that is growing and being relevant in the United States. United as God's people, we can achieve what we will not achieve alone, working as a team as pastors, leaders and Christians, we can be a force that will bless the nation.

 Join NAHPA, we are here to represent you, advocate for our values ​​and serve our community.

 God bless you


Join the fastest growing Hispanic Pastors organization in the nation and join us in the movement!